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My first course of acupuncture by Yuri was in June 2009, for lower back pain, low energy and PMS symptoms. The result of the treatments alleviated these issues and provided me with so much relief and energy.

As a 57 year woman, I returned this past April 2018 with menopause symptoms of hot flashes and low energy again.

Though I consider myself physically fit and active, I’m a terrible eater and really wanted to try and change my mentality of bad food habits as well. I know what I should eat (more cooked veggies!), just making it a habit and shedding the bad habits was the obstacle.

Also, my back and joints (knees, elbows) were starting to feel creaky and stiff and I attributed it to arthritis from my continuing and many years of spirited sports and activities.

This time around, I took the recommended herbs, along with the acupuncture and I saw a difference in the hot flashes in the first week.

The specific attention with acupuncture to my sore joints delivered achy free elbows, back and knees within a couple treatments!

All of this, along with a recommended food plan from Yuri, made a huge difference. Immediately, I was making better food choices because I wanted to stay on track and get the most out of my acupuncture treatments and not spoil it with junk food, alcohol and sugar.

The acupuncture treatments themselves were something I looked forward to each week, especially when it was on my back. It would deliver such relaxing and at the same time, invigorating energy to your body. I may feel a bit sleepy when it was finished, but I was full of energy for the rest of the day and week!

Keeping on track with good eating habits, my daily herbs and exercise has helped keep the hot flashes and sore joints away, given me back the energy of the age I think I am in my head, and keeps the extra weight off!

Thank you!


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