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I first saw Dr. Belopolsky in March 2017. My symptoms were low energy, lower back pain and a general feeling of deep fatigue. I had a cyst on my right kidney that my primary care physician was concerned about and my blood work showed early signs of kidney disease. I'm a pilot for a major airline and my job takes me all over the world but the jet lag takes a toll on my health.

Dr. Belopolsky did a thorough assessment of my eating, sleeping, biological, and exercise habits. He determined that my fluid intake was too high and my diet may be contributing to many of my complaints. Fluid intake is a big deal in my profession due to long hours at high altitude and a extremely dry environment. The only advice I had received up to this point drink lots of water so you don't get kidney stones. No one had ever expressed concern over too much water. Following his advice I modified my diet, closely monitored and cut back on excess fluids, took some recommended herbal supplements and did a 12 treatment cycle of acupuncture.

By July of 2017 most of my energy was back, my back pain was gone and I was enjoying life once again. In September I had a follow up ultrasound on my kidneys to check the progression of the cyst on my right kidney. To my surprise the cyst was completely gone. My blood work was also greatly improved. It went from a diagnosis of early kidney disease to perfect health.

Dr. Belopolsky was the first health care professional to fully assess my lifestyle and offer detailed advice and treatment. As Yuri says he will help get your body back in balance and let your body heal itself. I couldn't be happier with the results! Thank you Yuri for your outstanding guidance and care.


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