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I developed a sudden pain in my shoulder that significantly limited my range of motion. After a couple of months, it became clear that the issue was not going to resolve itself. After speaking with a friend, I considered acupuncture. I'd never had any reason to try it before.

Family Acupuncture & Holistic Medicine came recommended, and I booked an appointment. I visited Yuri and had a very pleasant and thorough introductory meeting. Given the holistic nature of this practice, we covered a lot of ground beyond just my shoulder pain. He suggested I try herbs before acupuncture and sent me home with some to try. In a short time, my range of motion increased and my pain decreased. We had short phone consultations over a few months, and I continued to take the herbs as recommended. In that time, positive progress continued. Now I have a full range of motion in my shoulder with no pain. This was all done remotely, with herbs, and without visits for acupuncture.

Through this process, the herbs Doctor Yuri selected also stabilized my energy levels and mood fluctuations. Sometimes you live with conditions because you think that is just "how you are." Working with Yuri has shown me, in his words, that "we can do anything." I look forward to feeling better and better.

May, 2023

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