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I went for acupuncture originally for lower back pain and low energy.

The schedule I have been following for my acupuncture treatment has been once a week. As of the 2nd week in June, I have had a total of 9 treatments.

The benefits and results have been amazing. My back has been pain free after just two treatments and my energy level has doubled.

I’ve also been treated for my PMS and peri-menopause symptoms. I no longer have any hot flashes and all my PMS symptoms are very much subsided, not to mention the menstrual cramps.

This has helped tremendously in my daily life since I was starting to feel like I was only normal, physically and emotionally, one week out of the month.

The treatment itself is wonderful as well. It is not painful and the needles provoke such a relaxing and almost euphoric reaction a lot of the time. Yuri barely gets the last needle in when he is working on my back and I’m already drifting to another level.

My body’s reaction to the acupuncture has been incredibly positive and I only wish I had sought this out years ago.

I have recommended the treatment to many of my friends and wish everyone could experience the non-invasive benefits of acupuncture.


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