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As a middle-aged woman who has suffered from deep depression, I came to Yuri looking for a way to support my body while also taking psychiatric medications that had only been minimally helpful for many years. I was stuck with sluggish thinking, very low energy, lack of interest in life, and sleep disorders. My psychiatric care was top notch, but my body needed more help than Western medicine could offer to me. I started seeing Yuri several times a week for both acupuncture and herbal medicine. I continued to see him for two years as the benefits were so worthwhile. I found myself more relaxed, more resilient, able to focus on working again as a news writer, and blessed with a renewed interest in life. As a practitioner, the whole experience of seeing Yuri is healing in and of itself. He is humble and kind but confident and clearly wise about life and it's challenges. I now work full time, which I was told by Western doctors when I started seeing Yuri would never be possible. As I am a published author at a major university, I withhold using my name but invite anyone to email with me through Yuri. Have hope!


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