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Mr.No Name

Over several years in my early 30's, I had experienced a mysterious

general decline in my health.  I had consulted with numerous health-

related specialists both inside and outside my family without

identifying a cause or making conclusive improvements.  For

example, my cousin, an ENT specialist, had referred me to an

allergist because my symptoms improved when I took Claritin, but

the allergist could not identify a specific allergy and told me that my

health was declining because I was "getting old."  Frustrating! 

Yuri Belopolsky was the first person to identify the fact that

I suffered adverse reactions to wheat and dairy and suggested I

eliminate them from my diet.  His intervention catalyzed my

awareness of the effects of my diet on my health, which directly

caused me to improve eating habits which could have been crippling

or life-threatening.  Yuri also helped me recover from the cumulative

effects of several years of allergic inflammation and related distress. 

Very gratifying! This process of recovery has given me knowledge

and skills that I use on a daily basis to live a vital and productive life. 

I have returned to demanding professional activity.  I have also

returned to competitive bicycle racing with steadily improving

results.  I am very grateful for Yuri's professional treatment and his

genuine concern and continued interest in my well-being.  I gladly

recommend him to friends and family.


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