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Dear Dr. G.,

After walking away from our conversation this morning I remembered that there has been something that I have wanted to share with you for a few months now. I kept thinking I would see you and tell you about this experience but have not caught up with you until today.

Anyway, when I was diagnosed in Oct. with the return of Pancreatic cancer and Dr. S. said he would not treat it as yet, I turned to “eastern medicine” for alternative methods of treatment. I was led to an Acupuncturist named YURI BELOPOLSKY M.Ac. (1-207-240-4100) who practices in York. I can not say enough about how talented Yuri is with his techniques and his knowledge. After all the suffering I have experienced with the irritable bowel, having real pain every single day for 3 years, he was able to treat me for this and in 2-3 sessions I had no pain and the bowels were 75% improved in terms of the elimination of the urgency, and diarrhea. He has continued to treat me for about 10 weeks or so for the cancer and as I said, the recent CT scan showed things as the same. No new progression of the cancer at this point.

Yuri has also recommended a woman in Cambridge who is in Herbal Medicine (YU HUANG 1-617-359-7126) who has prescribed herbs for me as well. We’re not talking the pill form but, roots, bark, dried plants, etc. that I get at an Herbal Pharmacy in China Town. These herbs have eliminated ALL of the discomfort that I was experiencing with the pancreas, and helped with digestion and the night time trips to the bathroom, as well as sleep, and anxiety. Now diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer, I feel better than I have since I had the Whipple over three years ago!!!

I had to experience this to become a believer but it works. Just wanted to pass this on because Irritable bowel pain is real and if you have other patients who suffer severely with this, I would like to suggest that you let them know of this alternative. I could shout from the roof tops, to sing the praises of these two practitioners, they have helped change my life and give me back my spirit. I will drop off their business cards to you so that you can hold on to their names for future reference.


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