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Anthy M.

To Whom it may Concern,

My name is Anthy Mouzourakis, and this is my personal testimonial in my spiritual, emotional and physical experience with acupuncture.

Like all persons, from time to time, I suffer from physical pain, for various reasons. I have tried many different ways to relieve my pains, from drugs to western medicine, chiropractic, etc, ... What I started to realize is that the majority of my pain was related to emotional well-being. Understanding what part emotions play, in your physical condition, propelled me to try acupuncture.

When I made the decision to try acupuncture I was suffering from a neck pain that I was living with for approx. 2 years, lower back pain and a sharp pain in my right arm near the elbow. Emotionally, these pains made me feel like my body was slowly shutting down, encapsulating me.

After a few successful treatments I opted for the 12 - day treatment. These treatments have relieved my pains and restored total equilibrium in my body. Acupuncture is extremely unique in the way it treats the body. I am a strong believer that we as humans are made up of, not only flesh and blood, but of a complex energy force. Coupled with acupuncture treatments, this energy is constantly recharged. The stronger your energy the less pain you feel. This may not always be noticeable, but this happens with all pains.

Along with a stable current condition, I am experiencing a motivating will to keep up with the way I feel, in turn making better life choices. My energy is high, my diet has improved 100% and I am less tired on a daily basis.

Acupuncture has restored my faith in the power of the body and mind to heal itself, by making the right changes in one's lifestyle. That would be a lifestyle that includes acupuncture.

Thank you and I wish one and all peace within, always. Sincerely,


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