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Creda B.

It is with much awe and respect that I write of my experience with Dr. Yuri.

By the time, I decided to try Acupuncture, I felt as though I was dying. Three months with Traditional doctors with all their blood tests, x rays, EKGs, stress tests along with blood work, could tell my liver, kidneys and heart were stressed but not why. No diagnosis was offered and no medication prescribed. The right side of my face swollen, my ankles and wrists swollen. I had no lateral or horizontal movement in my feet. The pain was excruciating. I had no energy.

Thankfully a google search led me to Dr. Yuri. I was drawn to his practice because it was not a stark clinical office with multiple patients being worked on at once. The fact that Dr. Yuri also experienced walking difficulty which was cured by acupuncture, sealed my call.

I literally dragged myself into his office. Dr. Yuri greeted me with much empathy, kindness and concern. He asked to hold my wrists. After a few touches he said you are exhausted. Your Yin and Yang is out of balance. Just from touching my wrists. I was amazed.

During my first treatment I wept. Not due to the needles hurting. They do not but rather because after 3 months of constant pain I felt relief. I felt energy flow through my body. I had hope.

Every appointment, Dr. Yuri spends the first 10 to 25 minutes actually talking with you. He addresses improvements and setbacks. He truly cares for his patients. All of you. He treats all of you. Not just symptoms.

Within 2 treatments I had more energy was walking better and feeling more like myself. Dr. Yuri prescribed reasonably priced all natural Chinese Herbs or rather he lets the herbs choose you. He places the herbs in your aura and lets muscle testing decide which herbs are right for you.

Another amazing attribute of Dr. Yuri is his touch. Without machines he can tell where your blockages are and exactly where the needles need to be placed for relief. Feeling Chi flow through your body and healing you is a wondrous experience.

It is without reservation that I recommend Dr. Yuri. Give Acupuncture a try.


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