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Depression, Anxiety, and Other Psycho-Emotional Issues

Nicole B.

"Yuri thank you for making me happy again, after 25 years battling anxiety and depression and taking awful meds, I now feel totally alive, well and have full energy for life again!!!! He has saved my life and am so grateful for him! He has also worked on various pain I have had (knee sprain, ear blockage, abdominal pain and worked on my whole body (liver) and fixed them with in a short time with acupuncture and herbs...I totally trust him and am amazed how quickly the treatments have worked!!! Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!!!:)))))))))))))1)"



"As a middle-aged woman who has suffered from deep depression, I came to Yuri looking for a way to support my body while also taking psychiatric medications that had only been minimally helpful for many years. I was stuck with sluggish thinking, very low energy, lack of interest in life, and sleep disorders. My psychiatric care was top notch, but my body needed more help than Western medicine could offer to me. I started seeing Yuri several times a week for both acupuncture and herbal medicine. I continued to see him for two years as the benefits were so worthwhile. I found myself more relaxed, more resilient, able to focus on working again as a news writer, and blessed with a renewed interest in life. As a practitioner, the whole experience of seeing Yuri is healing in and of itself. He is humble and kind but confident and clearly wise about life and it's challenges. I now work full time, which I was told by Western doctors when I started seeing Yuri would never be possible. As I am a published author at a major university, I withhold using my name but invite anyone to email with me through Yuri. Have hope!"



I experienced erratic periods for over a year and was told that this was because I was perimenopausal.

This condition was followed by incessant and excessive bleeding which was caused by an estrogen dominance.

I was prescribed a synthetic hormone pill by my doctor but when I read the potential side effects I was unwilling to take it. I was also diagnosed with an underactive thyroid condition (hypothyroid) and I was not willing to take medication for this condition either because I knew once I started the medication, I would have to be on it for life. Being a firm believer in the body’s natural ability to heal itself under the right conditions, I researched these ailments on the web and in books and tried various natural methods to heal myself. I applied natural progesterone cream; I attempted to slow down my fast-paced lifestyle, improved my diet and added various supplements such as dulse, kelp, brewer’s yeast, and evening primrose oil.

However, after several weeks, I still continued to bleed and although I was very concerned about my condition, I was not deterred in my desire to fix these problems naturally, and I made the decision to try acupuncture as I had read about the health benefits of this ancient Chinese practice and had recently attended one of Yuri’s seminars.

My first visit consisted of two hours in which Yuri asked detailed questions about my health, examined my tongue, my skin and then took my pulse in each wrist for several minutes. He asked if I was anemic and then he told me that my heart, lungs, pancreas and liver were out of balance. I was quite shocked at this news as apart from my recent health problems, I thought I was in pretty good shape, health-wise. I got my blood work checked and discovered that I had significant anemia, and that my thyroid had become even more underactive (from 5.05 to 6.06). I was starting to feel the effects of these two conditions. I was more tired, had shortness of breath, felt a little light-headed at times, and experienced heart palpations during the night when I tried to get to sleep. I also noticed that my complexion had become very pale.

During my next visit, Yuri prescribed some Chinese herbs for my hormone imbalance, and he scheduled my acupuncture visits once per week (which also included moxa treatments). He also gave me some supplements and nutritional advice for my anemic condition and told me how the acupuncture would also nourish my blood. The acupuncture treatments felt wonderful. They were very therapeutic and usually relaxed my body as well as my mind.

After only 3 or 4 weeks, my hormones began to stabilize and my heavy bleeding subsided completely. I started having acupuncture twice per week and after my eighth session, I decided to get my blood work checked as I was feeling much better and more like my old self again. I was thrilled with the results as I was no longer anemic, and my thyroid condition had improved dramatically, from a reading of 6.06 to 4.34! I was really surprised as I had not expected my thyroid condition to improve so quickly! I now feel very confident that it will continue to improve and begin to function normally again as I complete my first cycle of 12 acupuncture sessions and herbal supplements.

I feel that the combination of my lifestyle changes, acupuncture treatments and herbal supplements dramatically improved my health problems as well as my overall health and I decided to share my story in the hope that it might encourage someone else to explore the natural and holistic methods of healing.

Additionally, acupuncture has helped to heal some very deep-seated resentment and anger issues that resurfaced recently due to a loss of a family member. I was able to completely let go of these negative emotions during my acupuncture treatments. I experienced an array of emotions, starting with my resentment and anger, followed by sadness and feelings of deep regret and ending with feelings of complete joy. It was truly an amazing transformation for me to go from complete sadness to utter joy and peace during one of my treatments. I hadn’t expected this outcome and it was one of the most powerful experiences in my life as my whole outlook on this situation changed from being negative to positive!


Dr. Boris K.

Dear Dr. Belopolsky,

Now that my treatment in your clinic is over, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you for the help you’ve provided.

I had several problems with my health, all of them chronic and untreatable, according to the diagnosis of numerous “traditional” doctors.

I suffered from periodic asthma attacks and could barely climb the stairs. After many treatment attempts, I was left just with words: "Sorry, we have done everything we could to improve the functioning of your lungs. There are no more medications or procedures which could help."

Many years ago, I injured my shoulder, and since then, I experienced constant pain and had severe difficulties using my right arm. The only solution I was offered: painkillers and steroids.

In addition, I had serious back pains which led to a surgery. This helped only for a year. After the pains came back, I was told that I should “live with it.”

It goes without saying that all of this led to severe depression.

I came to you with exceedingly low expectations. You were checking my pulses (it turned out I have not one, but many!), and then did what good, "old fashioned" doctors used to do: checked my skin, tongue, and reflexes. After that, you began treatment using books, manuals, and above all, intuition to find a prefect combination of points – not only to relieve my symptoms, but to cure the causes. In addition to acupuncture, you used moxa cigars. You devoted so much time and effort to get the optimal results – and it DID help!

Thank you. I wish you many bad patients, like myself, who really need help.

Your "discharged" patient and friend,

Dr. Boris K.


Susan C.

In the fall of 2005 I found myself in an unhappy marriage battling emotional trauma and depression. I had overcome a major depression nine years ago that was treated using psychotherapy and a litany of prescription medications. I was incredibly upset to once again be facing such a horrible disease. One thing I knew for certain, I did not want to drug myself into a stupor this time around. Luckily my new counselor had several alternative treatments in mind for me. She suggested meditation, yoga, homeopathy and/or acupuncture. I was desperate so I tried them all and I also started attending church at "Unity of the Seacoast" in Dover. Ever since, my life has steadily become full of abundance, health and happiness.

I walked through the doors of Family Acupuncture and Holistic Medicine a miserable, unhappy and very unhealthy woman. Not only was I depressed, but I was very overweight, had stomach problems, allergies, asthma, frequent urinary tract infections and I was unable to get more than a few hours of sleep a night.

Yuri Belopolsky amazed me by taking my pulse for about 20 minutes then he correctly diagnosed many of my health problems before even looking at my medical history. He told me to avoid eating sugar, wheat, dairy and alcohol. He gave me alternatives to the prescription medicines I was taking and he told me I needed to get 8-9 hours of sleep every night (Yeah Right!)

Then it was time for my first treatment. I lay on the table so full of hope only to realize nothing could prepare me for how wonderful acupuncture was. The energy flowing through my body was incredible and I was amazed that I could follow the path of chi as it pulsed through me. I was so relaxed, calm and totally at peace.

I changed my diet as Yuri suggested. After a lifetime of yo-yo dieting or starving myself to lose a few pounds, I started losing weight (54 pounds so far! !) I actually started gaining a few hours of peaceful sleep a night soon realizing 8-9 hours sleep a night wasn't impossible after all. The best thing was, I started to be happy and full of hope for the future.

I am currently going through a very painful divorce after 27 years of marriage. I go into Yuri's office every week feeling drained, stressed, sad and full of grief. I always leave after my treatment feeling so uplifted, full of energy, at peace with myself and very optimistic. My world is once again on track and I can see the many blessings in my life. My heart is full of hope and I know I am a wonderful, healthy, powerful woman who can overcome any and all obstacles that come my way.

Yuri works with my homeopathic doctor and together they merge my homeopathic remedies and my acupuncture treatments. I meditate and give myself Reiki almost every night. I attend Reiki circles, drumming circles, white light meditations with didgeridoo sound vibration therapy and I work with all kinds of angels and spirit guides.

I am not totally out of the woods yet but I know someday soon I will be able to find complete happiness seven days a week and my depression will be a thing of the past once and for all. Everyone in my life knows that Thursday is "Yuri Day" and they know how much it means to me. Yuri has helped to change my life, I know I would not be on the path to true health and happiness without him.


Susan C.

P.S. … Today I can honestly say that I have never felt better both physically and emotionally. The last time I had a cold or flu was in February 2006, I just don’t get sick. The depression that I have endured off and on for over fifteen years is a thing of the past. I feel such a sense of peace and well being. With Yuri’s help, I am happy!


Paula Catherine S.

Dear Yuri,

Before I came to see you, I had never experienced acupuncture. Your gentle ways and kind support enabled me to change my diet and begin to wean myself off prescription medications. I have many food and drug allergies contributing to my illness of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, obesity, and latent diabetes.

The ensuing poor circulation and sleep apnea have begun to remedy themselves due to the diet changes, exercise and cessation of prescription medication. I plan to return to acupuncture with you as soon as it is financially feasible. You helped address the pain in my body and mind. I am forever grateful to you.


Paula Catherine S.


Anthony M.

My name is Anthony, and this is my personal testimonial in my spiritual, emotional and physical experience with acupuncture. Like all persons, from time to time, I suffer from physical pain, for various reasons. I have tried many different ways to relieve my pains, from drugs to western medicine, chiropractic, etc. What I started to realize is that the majority of my pain was related to emotional well-being. Understanding what part emotions play, in your physical condition, propelled me to try acupuncture.

When I made the decision to try acupuncture I was suffering from a neck pain that I was living with for approx. 2 years, lower back pain and a sharp pain in my right arm near the elbow. Emotionally, these pains made me feel like my body was slowly shutting down, encapsulating me.

After a few successful treatments I opted for the 12 - day treatment. These treatments have relieved my pains and restored total equilibrium in my body. Acupuncture is extremely unique in the way it treats the body. I am a strong believer that we as humans are made up of, not only flesh and blood, but of a complex energy force. Coupled with acupuncture treatments, this energy is constantly recharged. The stronger your energy the less pain you feel. This may not always be noticeable, but this happens with all pains.

Along with a stable current condition, I am experiencing a motivating will to keep up with the way I feel, in turn making better life choices. My energy is high, my diet has improved 100% and I am less tired on a daily basis.

Acupuncture has restored my faith in the power of the body and mind to heal itself, by making the right changes in one's lifestyle. That would be a lifestyle that includes acupuncture.


S. M.

Dear Dr. G.,

After walking away from our conversation this morning I remembered that there has been something that I have wanted to share with you for a few months now. I kept thinking I would see you and tell you about this experience but have not caught up with you until today.

Anyway, when I was diagnosed in Oct. with the return of Pancreatic cancer and Dr. S. said he would not treat it as yet, I turned to “eastern medicine” for alternative methods of treatment. I was led to an Acupuncturist named YURI BELOPOLSKY M.Ac. (1-207-240-4100) who practices in York. I can not say enough about how talented Yuri is with his techniques and his knowledge. After all the suffering I have experienced with the irritable bowel, having real pain every single day for 3 years, he was able to treat me for this and in 2-3 sessions I had no pain and the bowels were 75% improved in terms of the elimination of the urgency, and diarrhea. He has continued to treat me for about 10 weeks or so for the cancer and as I said, the recent CT scan showed things as the same. No new progression of the cancer at this point.

Yuri has also recommended a woman in Cambridge who is in Herbal Medicine (YU HUANG 1-617-359-7126) who has prescribed herbs for me as well. We’re not talking the pill form but, roots, bark, dried plants, etc. that I get at an Herbal Pharmacy in China Town. These herbs have eliminated ALL of the discomfort that I was experiencing with the pancreas, and helped with digestion and the night time trips to the bathroom, as well as sleep, and anxiety. Now diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer, I feel better than I have since I had the Whipple over three years ago!!!

I had to experience this to become a believer but it works. Just wanted to pass this on because Irritable bowel pain is real and if you have other patients who suffer severely with this, I would like to suggest that you let them know of this alternative. I could shout from the roof tops, to sing the praises of these two practitioners, they have helped change my life and give me back my spirit. I will drop off their business cards to you so that you can hold on to their names for future reference.



I have known Doctor Yuri since 2005 when I successfully used acupuncture to treat anxiety.

That was before I moved from Greater Boston area. My recent experience with him is absolutely incredible.

In May 2018, I reached out to Yuri with my concerns about growing cholesterol level. With the proper herb selection and individually crafted diet, Yuri committed a true miracle. In a matter of 5-6 months, I’ve got more than I bargained for:

  • lowered my total cholesterol from 242 to 169

  • lost 17 pounds

  • increased my energy level. In particular, got rid of daily afternoon fatigue by dropping sugar intake to near 0

  • learned how to nip common cold in the bud (and avoid taking antibiotics) by using herb supplements.

With 2018 behind us, I can testify without exaggeration: Yuri, you made my Year!

P.S. Did I mention that I didn’t need to travel to Kittery ME? All of the last year help Yuri did remotely, by phone, email, and text. (And USPS, of course to send me herbs).



As we grow, we realize that life is filled with uncertainty. I know this first after by being diagnosed several years ago with a rare form of cancer as a young adult. I have found comfort and certainty with the holistic approach that Yuri has provided me in the past 9 months with the treatment of acupuncture and immune system balancing supplements.

I began seeing Yuri one month after receiving a Hip Replacement. At this point in time I handicapped with pain, low energy, constant night sweats, and just an overall sense of uneasiness with where I was. I needed my medical doctors over the last several years to literally save my life -- which they did and I am extremely grateful. What I see now though is that I have needed Yuri even more in order to give me my life back. We live in a world of "quick fixes" but the service Yuri provides goes so much deeper than that. His proactive approach in finding out every little detail about how I feel on a week to week basis has had a compound affect in improving my quality of life to a point I could have only imagined.

Yuri is a selfless, kind, and hard-working man in whom I trust. He cares deeply about his patients in making sure they are as healthy as possible in every sense of the word. Being committed to his acupuncture practice is the ultimate investment in oneself that I know will pay huge dividends. And what I respect most about Yuri is sense of empathy and compassion to meet the need of all his patients.



On the recommendation of a friend, I called Family Acupuncture and Holistic Medicine to help me find out why I was feeling unenergetic. Up until that time doctors had not even addressed this situation other than to tell me it was due to, “the aging process”. Granted I’m in my late 60’s but was no way ready to “age”.

I had heard about acupuncture and “eastern” medicine, but had not experienced it. The entire procedure was explained to me in a clear and concise manner including the use of some medicine to help regulate my internal body temperature,( we think of this as, “night sweats”). During my appointments, Yuri explained how the many parts of my body interact with each other to keep me, “in balance”.

Over the last three months I have gained back a consistent, sustained energy level, lost the lower back pain I have had for the last fifty years, alleviated all “night sweats”, and with some dietary changes have lost twenty-four pounds. All of this has been accompanied by a renewed sense of peace and tranquility.

I highly recommend FAHM to anyone who is tired of being in pain, physically or emotionally. FAHM has a caring, thoughtful and nurturing way of practicing healing.

Elizabeth (Neonatal Nurse)


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