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Dr. Boris K.

Dear Dr. Belopolsky,

Now that my treatment in your clinic is over, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you for the help you’ve provided.

I had several problems with my health, all of them chronic and untreatable, according to the diagnosis of numerous “traditional” doctors.

I suffered from periodic asthma attacks and could barely climb the stairs. After many treatment attempts, I was left just with words: "Sorry, we have done everything we could to improve the functioning of your lungs. There are no more medications or procedures which could help."

Many years ago, I injured my shoulder, and since then, I experienced constant pain and had severe difficulties using my right arm. The only solution I was offered: painkillers and steroids.

In addition, I had serious back pains which led to a surgery. This helped only for a year. After the pains came back, I was told that I should “live with it.”

It goes without saying that all of this led to severe depression.

I came to you with exceedingly low expectations. You were checking my pulses (it turned out I have not one, but many!), and then did what good, "old fashioned" doctors used to do: checked my skin, tongue, and reflexes. After that, you began treatment using books, manuals, and above all, intuition to find a prefect combination of points – not only to relieve my symptoms, but to cure the causes. In addition to acupuncture, you used moxa cigars. You devoted so much time and effort to get the optimal results – and it DID help!

Thank you. I wish you many bad patients, like myself, who really need help.

Your "discharged" patient and friend,

Dr. Boris K.


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