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In July 2017 I was given a rather bleak prognosis. I had a bleeding splenetic tumor and the doctors figured I only had weeks, or perhaps months to live. The emergency room docs gave me a Chinese herb to help slow the bleeding. When the herbal supplement ran out, I found Yuri and my real healing journey began. You see, I am a 12 years old cattle dog mix breed and my owner came to Yuri for more of the Chinese herb. It turns out, Yuri loves dogs as much as my owner, and he gave us incredible hope and I am still here! Yuri has helped my owner take much better care of me through dietary changes (I eat real meat, veggies, and grains) and through other herbal supplements. Although I had a second bleed this July, the emergency vet said it was a miracle I was still alive. My owner and I agree. Once again Yuri was there to support my owner and even provided some acupuncture to help with my discomfort. It felt great! I am not as active as I used to be, but I am still able to alert my family when visitors come to the door, and be a loving, faithful companion. My owner and I both believe in the importance of finding a balanced approach to our health issues and discovering the imbalances in our bodies and minds. Thanks to Yuri, we can enjoy each day with each other. We highly recommend anyone (people or canines like me) to explore the wonders of eastern medicine and healing practices as a part of your healing journey.

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