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As we grow, we realize that life is filled with uncertainty. I know this first after by being diagnosed several years ago with a rare form of cancer as a young adult. I have found comfort and certainty with the holistic approach that Yuri has provided me in the past 9 months with the treatment of acupuncture and immune system balancing supplements.

I began seeing Yuri one month after receiving a Hip Replacement. At this point in time I handicapped with pain, low energy, constant night sweats, and just an overall sense of uneasiness with where I was. I needed my medical doctors over the last several years to literally save my life -- which they did and I am extremely grateful. What I see now though is that I have needed Yuri even more in order to give me my life back. We live in a world of "quick fixes" but the service Yuri provides goes so much deeper than that. His proactive approach in finding out every little detail about how I feel on a week to week basis has had a compound affect in improving my quality of life to a point I could have only imagined.

Yuri is a selfless, kind, and hard-working man in whom I trust. He cares deeply about his patients in making sure they are as healthy as possible in every sense of the word. Being committed to his acupuncture practice is the ultimate investment in oneself that I know will pay huge dividends. And what I respect most about Yuri is sense of empathy and compassion to meet the need of all his patients.


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