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Great Health Support Gift for COVID Season

Ancient Anti-Epidemic Sachet - $7.99

(Traditional Chinese Aroma Therapy Herbal Sachet)

This product is not only long-lasting and beneficial to your health, but it also smells amazing! This herbal sachet, which offers numerous positive health effects, will provide an extra layer of protection against COVID-19 throughout the winter season and long after. Small enough to fit inside of your mask and yet aromatic enough to fill an entire room, it is perfect for maintaining health and promoting overall wellness for you, your friends, and your family.

Product Description:

This herbal prescription from Ancient Chinese Classic texts. It offers multiple benefits for the health of our bodies and promotes anti-epidemic support, including:

- Stimulating and supporting the immune system

- Strengthening the respiratory system to help against viral infections

- Improving blood circulation

- Rebalancing excess heat and cold within the vital organs

- Helping to alleviate the symptoms of viral epidemic illnesses, including SARS, COVID-19, and any variations of the flu

- Improving the quality of sleep

The sachet will work best for the first three months but will retain some of its potency in the following few months.


- Place your herbal sachet in a drawer, wallet, bag, car, pocket, or under your pillow. Be sure to smell it as often as you can.

- You can also use a stapler or small paperclip to attach the sachet to the inner upper corner of your mask.

- Any area that you frequently visit that will allow you to pick up the scent of the herbal contents is highly encouraged.


The herbs inside of the sachet should only be used to smell; they are NOT EDIBLE.


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