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Judy Q

Dr. Yuri fixed my knee pain with Chinese herbs and a remote consultation.

I recently injured the Medial Collateral Ligament in my knee. Walking, my favorite form of exercise, was not do-able without teeth-clenching pain. I consulted a Physical Therapist, from whom I learned what was injured, told to use a knee brace, and otherwise go about my life. This did not work for me, the pain was too great.

I called Dr. Yuri, we consulted over the phone. Dr. Yuri prescribed Chinese Herbs (he calls them “Soldier Pills”), and a liniment rub to massage into the afflicted area. On the first day of taking the pills, the pain lessened from a grade 4-5 to about a 3-4. Today, day 3 of taking the herbs, it is down to a 2. This incredible improvement comes after 6 weeks of suffering, and no help from “Western Medicine”. I must emphasize that the pain is lessened because the afflicted ligament is becoming smoother and more relaxed, and is not the inflamed knot that it was previously. The pills are not an analgesic, they are an anti-inflammatory, and something else, because Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory and did not do a thing.

I am very pleased with my entire interaction with Dr. Yuri.

Judy Q


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