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Lightning Beet Salad

This delicious salad will help you to deal with constipation, although you can still enjoy it without a medical need!

This recipe is perfect for one to two people’s side dish and should be eaten warm.


- 2 preferably organic medium sized beets (raw or cooked)

- Handful of walnuts

- Salt/Black Pepper

- Virgin Olive Oil (Cold Pressed)

- Garlic


1. Peel and boil beets until they are soft (Skip this step if you bought peeled and boiled beets)

2. Slice beets with large grater and place in a bowl

3. Add walnuts ground to small pieces (NOT powder)

4. Add a small clove of garlic (or less, according to your taste)

5. Add 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil

6. Mix all ingredients together

7. Add salt and black pepper according to your taste

This recipe can be altered according to your taste. The main ingredients for helping constipation are beets, walnuts, and olive oil. Feel free to add more of these or other ingredients according to your taste, appetite, and need. This salad should be both delicious and helpful! Bon Appetit!


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