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Lynn S.

I have had a torn rotator cuff for a few years and osteoarthritis in my hands as well. I decided to go to school for LNA but knew with the pain in my fingers and shoulder that I would have a difficult time with that line of work. I learned about Acupuncture and my PCP said yes, try it. It works! My insurance said that I could go to Yuri Belopolsky. When I met Yuri he explained that he could help me. I have been coming to this office for about five weeks and I am pain free! I feel completely relaxed and like a new person. I also had a pain in my neck. He felt my back and said I was full of tension. He worked on my back and not only am I calm but my neck pain is gone. I have been going to school and training in a nursing home and do not have any pain.

Thanks Yuri,

Lynn S.


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