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Man & Woman Disorders

Nicole B.

Yuri thank you for making me happy again, after 25 years battling anxiety and depression and taking awful meds, I now feel totally alive, well and have full energy for life again!!!! He has saved my life and am so grateful for him! He has also worked on various pain I have had (knee sprain, ear blockage, abdominal pain and worked on my whole body (liver) and fixed them with in a short time with acupuncture and herbs...I totally trust him and am amazed how quickly the treatments have worked!!! Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!!!:)))))))))))))1)


Yelena K.

Yuri's deep knowledge of the treatment techniques and background and his willingness to share that knowledge allow his patients to actively participate in the healing process.

Yuri is very open with his patients when it comes to progress analysis. He always focuses on the best treatment option for the patient and will not hesitate to refer to different practitioners if he believes that to be in the patient's best interest.


Inna T.

If you're looking for a very attentive and knowledgeable acupuncturist - look no further. I had several courses (12 treatments each) with great results - pain gone, mobility increased, energy through the room, sleep normalized, weight gain controlled. All this for a reasonable cost and very unique treatment.


Dr Boris K.

Dear Dr. Belopolsky,

Now that my treatment in your clinic is over, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you for the help you’ve provided.

I had several problems with my health, all of them chronic and untreatable, according to the diagnosis of numerous “traditional” doctors. I suffered from periodic asthma attacks and could barely climb the stairs. After many treatment attempts, I was left just with words: "Sorry, we have done everything we could to improve the functioning of your lungs. There are no more medications or procedures which could help."

Many years ago, I injured my shoulder, and since then, I experienced constant pain and had severe difficulties using my right arm. The only solution I was offered: painkillers and steroids.

In addition, I had serious back pains which led to a surgery. This helped only for a year. After the pains came back, I was told that I should “live with it.”

It goes without saying that all of this led to severe depression.

I came to you with exceedingly low expectations. You were checking my pulses (it turned out I have not one, but many!), and then did what good, "old fashioned" doctors used to do: checked my skin, tongue, and reflexes. After that, you began treatment using books, manuals, and above all, intuition to find a prefect combination of points – not only to relieve my symptoms, but to cure the causes. In addition to acupuncture, you used moxa cigars. You devoted so much time and effort to get the optimal results – and it DID help!

Thank you. I wish you many bad patients, like myself, who really need help.

Your "discharged" patient and friend,

Dr. Boris K.


Ann L.

Although I went to Yuri because of my back, he focused on my whole health and I benefited from his treatment and advice in multiple ways, such as reduced symptoms of menopause and allergy relief just to name two. Yuri's treatment included advice on nutrition and Chinese herbal medicines. I have recommended many people to Yuri and they too have come away in better health and grateful for his treatment.



The schedule I have been following for my acupuncture treatment has been once a week. As of the 2nd week in June, I have had a total of 9 treatments.

The benefits and results have been amazing. My back has been pain free after just two treatments and my energy level has doubled.

I’ve also been treated for my PMS and peri-menopause symptoms. I no longer have any hot flashes and all my PMS symptoms are very much subsided, not to mention the menstrual cramps.

This has helped tremendously in my daily life since I was starting to feel like I was only normal, physically and emotionally, one week out of the month.

The treatment itself is wonderful as well. It is not painful and the needles provoke such a relaxing and almost euphoric reaction a lot of the time. Yuri barely gets the last needle in when he is working on my back and I’m already drifting to another level.

My body’s reaction to the acupuncture has been incredibly positive and I only wish I had sought this out years ago.

I have recommended the treatment to many of my friends and wish everyone could experience the non-invasive benefits of acupuncture. Ann L.

Although I went to Yuri because of my back, he focused on my whole health and I benefited from his treatment and advice in multiple ways, such as reduced symptoms of menopause and allergy relief just to name two. Yuri's treatment included advice on nutrition and Chinese herbal medicines. I have recommended many people to Yuri and they too have come away in better health and grateful for his treatment.


Lynn S.

I have had a torn rotator cuff for a few years and osteoarthritis in my hands as well. I decided to go to school for LNA but knew with the pain in my fingers and shoulder that I would have a difficult time with that line of work. I learned about Acupuncture and my PCP said yes, try it. It works! My insurance said that I could go to Yuri Belopolsky. When I met Yuri he explained that he could help me. I have been coming to this office for about five weeks and I am pain free! I feel completely relaxed and like a new person. I also had a pain in my neck. He felt my back and said I was full of tension. He worked on my back and not only am I calm but my neck pain is gone. I have been going to school and training in a nursing home and do not have any pain.

Thanks Yuri,

Lynn S.


Anthony M.

My name is Anthony, and this is my personal testimonial in my spiritual, emotional and physical experience with acupuncture. Like all persons, from time to time, I suffer from physical pain, for various reasons. I have tried many different ways to relieve my pains, from drugs to western medicine, chiropractic, etc. What I started to realize is that the majority of my pain was related to emotional well-being. Understanding what part emotions play, in your physical condition, propelled me to try acupuncture.

When I made the decision to try acupuncture I was suffering from a neck pain that I was living with for approx. 2 years, lower back pain and a sharp pain in my right arm near the elbow. Emotionally, these pains made me feel like my body was slowly shutting down, encapsulating me.

After a few successful treatments I opted for the 12 - day treatment. These treatments have relieved my pains and restored total equilibrium in my body. Acupuncture is extremely unique in the way it treats the body. I am a strong believer that we as humans are made up of, not only flesh and blood, but of a complex energy force. Coupled with acupuncture treatments, this energy is constantly recharged. The stronger your energy the less pain you feel. This may not always be noticeable, but this happens with all pains.

Along with a stable current condition, I am experiencing a motivating will to keep up with the way I feel, in turn making better life choices. My energy is high, my diet has improved 100% and I am less tired on a daily basis.

Acupuncture has restored my faith in the power of the body and mind to heal itself, by making the right changes in one's lifestyle. That would be a lifestyle that includes acupuncture.Ann L.

Although I went to Yuri because of my back, he focused on my whole health and I benefited from his treatment and advice in multiple ways, such as reduced symptoms of menopause and allergy relief just to name two. Yuri's treatment included advice on nutrition and Chinese herbal medicines. I have recommended many people to Yuri and they too have come away in better health and grateful for his treatment.


Creda B.

By the time, I decided to try Acupuncture, I felt as though I was dying. Three months with Traditional doctors with all their blood tests, x rays, EKGs, stress tests along with blood work, could tell my liver, kidneys and heart were stressed but not why. No diagnosis was offered and no medication prescribed. The right side of my face swollen, my ankles and wrists swollen. I had no lateral or horizontal movement in my feet. The pain was excruciating. I had no energy.

Thankfully a google search led me to Dr. Yuri. I was drawn to his practice because it was not a stark clinical office with multiple patients being worked on at once. The fact that Dr. Yuri also experienced walking difficulty which was cured by acupuncture, sealed my call.

I literally dragged myself into his office. Dr. Yuri greeted me with much empathy, kindness and concern. He asked to hold my wrists. After a few touches he said you are exhausted. Your Yin and Yang is out of balance. Just from touching my wrists. I was amazed.

During my first treatment I wept. Not due to the needles hurting. They do not but rather because after 3 months of constant pain I felt relief. I felt energy flow through my body. I had hope.

Every appointment, Dr. Yuri spends the first 10 to 25 minutes actually talking with you. He addresses improvements and setbacks. He truly cares for his patients. All of you. He treats all of you. Not just symptoms.

Within 2 treatments I had more energy was walking better and feeling more like myself. Dr. Yuri prescribed reasonably priced all natural Chinese Herbs or rather he lets the herbs choose you. He places the herbs in your aura and lets muscle testing decide which herbs are right for you.

Another amazing attribute of Dr. Yuri is his touch. Without machines he can tell where your blockages are and exactly where the needles need to be placed for relief. Feeling Chi flow through your body and healing you is a wondrous experience.

It is without reservation that I recommend Dr. Yuri. Give Acupuncture a try.


Anthony K.

Yuri provides an alternative solution to back pain relief. His acupuncture treatment, herbal treatment and exercises helped me in my recovery.



As we grow, we realize that life is filled with uncertainty. I know this first after by being diagnosed several years ago with a rare form of cancer as a young adult. I have found comfort and certainty with the holistic approach that Yuri has provided me in the past 9 months with the treatment of acupuncture and immune system balancing supplements.

I began seeing Yuri one month after receiving a Hip Replacement. At this point in time I handicapped with pain, low energy, constant night sweats, and just an overall sense of uneasiness with where I was. I needed my medical doctors over the last several years to literally save my life -- which they did and I am extremely grateful. What I see now though is that I have needed Yuri even more in order to give me my life back. We live in a world of "quick fixes" but the service Yuri provides goes so much deeper than that. His proactive approach in finding out every little detail about how I feel on a week to week basis has had a compound affect in improving my quality of life to a point I could have only imagined.

Yuri is a selfless, kind, and hard-working man in whom I trust. He cares deeply about his patients in making sure they are as healthy as possible in every sense of the word. Being committed to his acupuncture practice is the ultimate investment in oneself that I know will pay huge dividends. And what I respect most about Yuri is sense of empathy and compassion to meet the need of all his patients.



I had heard about acupuncture and “eastern” medicine, but had not experienced it. The entire procedure was explained to me in a clear and concise manner including the use of some medicine to help regulate my internal body temperature,( we think of this as, “night sweats”). During my appointments, Yuri explained how the many parts of my body interact with each other to keep me, “in balance”.

Over the last three months I have gained back a consistent, sustained energy level, lost the lower back pain I have had for the last fifty years, alleviated all “night sweats”, and with some dietary changes have lost twenty-four pounds. All of this has been accompanied by a renewed sense of peace and tranquility.

I highly recommend FAHM to anyone who is tired of being in pain, physically or emotionally. FAHM has a caring, thoughtful and nurturing way of practicing healing.

Elizabeth (Neonatal Nurse)Anthony K.

Yuri provides an alternative solution to back pain relief. His acupuncture treatment, herbal treatment and exercises helped me in my recovery.



I first saw Dr. Belopolsky in March 2017. My symptoms were low energy, lower back pain and a general feeling of deep fatigue. I had a cyst on my right kidney that my primary care physician was concerned about and my blood work showed early signs of kidney disease. I'm a pilot for a major airline and my job takes me all over the world but the jet lag takes a toll on my health.

Dr. Belopolsky did a thorough assessment of my eating, sleeping, biological, and exercise habits. He determined that my fluid intake was too high and my diet may be contributing to many of my complaints. Fluid intake is a big deal in my profession due to long hours at high altitude and a extremely dry environment. The only advice I had received up to this point drink lots of water so you don't get kidney stones. No one had ever expressed concern over too much water. Following his advice I modified my diet, closely monitored and cut back on excess fluids, took some recommended herbal supplements and did a 12 treatment cycle of acupuncture.

By July of 2017 most of my energy was back, my back pain was gone and I was enjoying life once again. In September I had a follow up ultrasound on my kidneys to check the progression of the cyst on my right kidney. To my surprise the cyst was completely gone. My blood work was also greatly improved. It went from a diagnosis of early kidney disease to perfect health.

Dr. Belopolsky was the first health care professional to fully assess my lifestyle and offer detailed advice and treatment. As Yuri says he will help get your body back in balance and let your body heal itself. I couldn't be happier with the results! Thank you Yuri for your outstanding guidance and care.


K. Lee

I’ve been to multiple acupuncturists in the 57 years I’ve been habitating this body and I feel Yuri’s expertise is unsurpassed. I’ve been spending the last 10 years trying to get rid of my hot flashes and had pretty much given up and was working on accepting they were going to be a part of my life from now on. Yuri’s work has given me new hope and of course he addresses all the symptoms and medical struggles you maybe in. I am off all my thyroid medication and feel I owe this to his work. He addresses your diet, and all the aches and pains of living with a great deal of knowledge and understanding.



My first course of acupuncture by Yuri was in June 2009, for lower back pain, low energy and PMS symptoms. The result of the treatments alleviated these issues and provided me with so much relief and energy.

As a 57 year woman, I returned this past April 2018 with menopause symptoms of hot flashes and low energy again.

Though I consider myself physically fit and active, I’m a terrible eater and really wanted to try and change my mentality of bad food habits as well. I know what I should eat (more cooked veggies!), just making it a habit and shedding the bad habits was the obstacle.

Also, my back and joints (knees, elbows) were starting to feel creaky and stiff and I attributed it to arthritis from my continuing and many years of spirited sports and activities.

This time around, I took the recommended herbs, along with the acupuncture and I saw a difference in the hot flashes in the first week.

The specific attention with acupuncture to my sore joints delivered achy free elbows, back and knees within a couple treatments!

All of this, along with a recommended food plan from Yuri, made a huge difference. Immediately, I was making better food choices because I wanted to stay on track and get the most out of my acupuncture treatments and not spoil it with junk food, alcohol and sugar.

The acupuncture treatments themselves were something I looked forward to each week, especially when it was on my back. It would deliver such relaxing and at the same time, invigorating energy to your body. I may feel a bit sleepy when it was finished, but I was full of energy for the rest of the day and week!

Keeping on track with good eating habits, my daily herbs and exercise has helped keep the hot flashes and sore joints away, given me back the energy of the age I think I am in my head, and keeps the extra weight off!

Thank you!


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