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Dr. Yuri has made a huge difference in my health. Acupuncture has helped me in ways Western medicine has not. Years ago, I had a digestive issue that sent me to the emergency room every six months or so. I saw specialist after specialist trying to find the cause. None of the doctors I saw could figure out what was wrong. I had a friend ask me if I wanted to go with her to see her acupuncturist. After just four or five sessions, I started to feel better. I have not ended up in the emergency room for this issue since I started going to FAHM. 

Acupuncture has helped in many other ways. My transition into menopause has been smoother. When I took a break from acupuncture for a summer, I developed a bleeding disorder and hot flashes. I went back to acupuncture, and both of these issues disappeared. At one point in my life I was on medication for depression, acupuncture allowed me to wean off of these meds. I have had a lump in my breast, which acupuncture helped eradicate. When I sprained my hand and ankle, Dr. Yuri sped up my recovery time. The swelling went down, and treatments helped make me mobile again. 

Besides helping with all of these health issues, Dr. Yuri has educated me about eating for health and how our bodies work to help us heal. Acupuncture has allowed me to keep my stress to a minimum while knowing how best to care for myself. I leave the appointments feeling calmer and having more energy.


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