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I have known Doctor Yuri since 2005 when I successfully used acupuncture to treat anxiety. That was before I moved from Greater Boston area. My recent experience with him is absolutely incredible.

In May 2018, I reached out to Yuri with my concerns about growing cholesterol level. With the proper herb selection and individually crafted diet, Yuri committed a true miracle. In a matter of 5-6 months, I’ve got more than I bargained for:

  • lowered my total cholesterol from 242 to 169

  • lost 17 pounds

  • increased my energy level. In particular, got rid of daily afternoon fatigue by dropping sugar intake to near 0

  • learned how to nip common cold in the bud (and avoid taking antibiotics) by using herb supplements.

With 2018 behind us, I can testify without exaggeration: Yuri, you made my Year!

P.S. Did I mention that I didn’t need to travel to Kittery ME? All of the last year help Yuri did remotely, by phone, email, and text. (And USPS, of course to send me herbs).


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