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Yuri's Melting Pot Soup

Warning: As with any medical or health recommendation, herbal/natural recipes have contraindications and possible side effects. They SHOULD NOT BE USED without consulting first with a knowledgeable health professional.

Warming and phlegm/mucus reducing meal


  1. Mix a variety of meat (approximately 3 – 4 lbs.) and offal such as lamb bones, kidney (beef or lamb) and heart (beef or lamb) with chicken (any part and the organs). You can also add a leg or wing of a smoked turkey.

  2. Add your favorite spices: onion, garlic, pepper, dry herbs, salt, etc.

  3. Add approximately 4 quarts of water. Use more or less water depending on the consistency of soup that you desire.

  4. Bring to a boil then reduce heat and simmer for 2 hours. Cool down. Cut the meat into small pieces and discard the bones.

  5. Add a variety of chopped vegetables and fresh herbs such as: Green beans, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Bell pepper, Carrots

  6. Finely chopped fresh herbs (dill, mint, parsley, basil, cilantro, etc.)

  7. Bring soup to a boil then simmer for 5-10 minutes with the added vegetables and green herbs.

During the last 5 minutes of cooking add 2 phlegm draining spices:

  • Finely chopped ginger with the skin: 1 cubic inch per serving

  • Dried tangerine skins (about 1/2 - 1/4 teaspoon per serving)

NB! To neutralize toxins in the non-organic meat broth, it would be useful to place sliced ginger into the pot (about 2” long and 1/2" thick per serving) during the first boiling. This ginger needs to be thrown away before the second (final) boiling. BON APPETIT!!


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