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Gan Mai Da Zao Pian - MooDelight™ - 甘麦大枣片

Gan Mai Da Zao Pian (Gan Mai Da Zao Wan, Gan Mai Da Zao Tang, MooDelight™ , 甘麦大枣片) is an all-natural herbal supplement for supporting a normal, healthy mood, especially after experiencing life-altering events.


Please be sure to read all ingredients, active and inactive, to prevent an unexpected allergic reaction.

Gan Mai Da Zao Pian - MooDelight™ - 甘麦大枣片

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  • Gan Mai Da Zao Tang has been helping people for over 1800 years, and it is a gentle formula with little side effects. Traditionally indicated for a tendency to weep and a feeling of excessive sadness, the formula combines gentle tonifying and calming effects to bring comfort and happiness. Suited for people that are prone to stress and overwork, this eloquent combination is soothing and comforting, relieving emotional upset such as mild mood changes, occasional worry and loss of sleep.


    In Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the pattern Gan Mai Da Zao Tang (Wan) deals with is one of internal dryness that produces heat and agitation. The mechanism is one of emotional stress or excessive thought and preoccupation, which causes liver Qi constraint. This transforms into fire, damaging Yin and consuming fluids, resulting in deficiency of the spleen and heart. This formula tonifies the spleen, nourishes the heart, and relieves tension and agitation.

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