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Wen Dan Pian - SpiritSoothe™ - 温胆片

Wen Dan Pian (Wen Dan Tang, SpiritSoothe™, 温胆片) is an ancient Chinese herbal medicine that clears phlegm heat and supports a normal mental health.


Please be sure to read all ingredients, active and inactive, to prevent an unexpected allergic reaction.

Wen Dan Pian - SpiritSoothe™ - 温胆片

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  • Wen Dan Tang is specially formulated for disharmony between gallbladder and stomach and the resulting phlegm heat. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the harmony between the gallbladder and stomach ensures the Qi energy flows smoothly and their proper function. If disharmony between the gallbladder and stomach occurs, Qi is blocked in flow and may be transformed into "phlegm" (Please notice the concept of "phlegm" in TCM is not identical to but broader than phlegm used in our common term) and generates heat.

    As Gallbladder is the source of courage in TCM, the phlegm heat may cause fright and fear, restlessness, dreaminess and uneasiness. The flow of the rebellious Qi in stomach may cause stomach upset.

    Wen Dan Pian clears phlegm and heat, regulates Qi, harmonizes the gallbladder and the stomach, and calms the Spirit. The Chinese medicine is most suitable for use when the phlegm-heat manifests as both in the form of mental stress mentioned above and digestive discomforts.

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