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Wen Jing Pian - WarmMenses™ - 温经片

Wen Jing Pian (Wen Jing Wan, WarmMenses, 经片) is a regarded Chinese herbal medicine that warms menses, nourishes Blood, and supports a normal uterus function. This formula may help support beauty.

Wen Jing Pian - WarmMenses™ - 温经片

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  • Supports A Normal Menstrual Cycle and Enhances Beauty

    It's almost that time of the month you dread. A dozen times a year, or more, your quality of life plummets, all because of your cycle. But it's not just your emotional and physical state that can suffer. So, too, may your beauty, intimacy and self esteem.

    According to TCM theory, there's a direct correlation between menses and overall women's wellness. Healthy, radiant skin is only possible with a regular cycle. Indeed, many women with irregular menses look pale and gaunt and have rough skin, as well as other characteristics. Also, irregular cycles may cause dryness in the vagina as well as low sex drive.

    To achieve a regular menses, some women rely on estrogen supplementation. An herbal alternative is our traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) formula, WarmMenses™. WarmMenses may support your normal cycle and normal uterine function. By doing so, it encourages internal conditions for more youthful and healthy-looking skin.

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