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Xiao Yao Pian - EaseTonic™ - 逍遥片

Xiao Yao Pian (Xiao Yao Wan, Xiao Yao San, EaseTonic™, 逍遥片) is a well-known ancient Chinese herbal medicine for Liver Qi stagnation. The herbal supplement helps support mood and manage stress due to the challenge of a daily life or premenstrual tension.


Please be sure to read all ingredients, active and inactive, to prevent an unexpected allergic reaction.

Xiao Yao Pian - EaseTonic™ - 逍遥片

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  • Support Your Mood

    You've tried eating better. And exercising more. You've even paid more attention to how you breathe. And you're more conscious of not always acting on your emotions. You may feel better but you know you have a long way to go until you'd consider yourself "happy."

    Being happy takes daily work. Once you get there, it's not like you cross the finish line and then that's it. You still have to eat right, exercise, manage stress and take the right supplements. You need something more to get you over the hump so you can begin to feel even better.

    Xiao Yao Wan is one of the most popular traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) herbal formulas. This all-natural botanically-sourced remedy may help support your mood. Because of the way Xiao Yao Wan works, it can also result in other positive health outcomes.

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